About Us

Livecasino.rocks was started in 2020 with a clear mission statement; We want to help you become the best casino player you can be. It might be weird to say that someone can become a better casino player.

After all, it’s not a skill game like poker or even sports betting.

But hear me out.

The best casino player is the one that have the most fun. And we know that we can help you have more fun when playing live casino online.

The core value here at livecasino.rocks is that every choice should be a good one. We do not recommend casinos that we are not confident that you’ll enjoy.

This whole website was built on this idea.

Most other sites that review and compare online casinos often out quantity over quality. We were tired of being given bad recommendations and reading reviews written by people who clearly never play casino.

So we decided to change that and create a website were you can’t make a bad decision when picking an online casino.

Have fun!

Danny, founder of livecasino.rocks 

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